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Business~Customer Service - Is Good Customer Service Gone Forever?



Most of us who have bought anything or have received services from a company of any kind usually have some sort of terrible customer service experience at some point. Sometimes I think many of us have even had an experience where you’re left, phone in hand, and mouth open in amazement and surprise. 

That’s what customer service has come to these days. So after having had my share of bad experiences it got me wondering, why the decline in happy people? 

Who Runs Corporate America? And Why Does It Seem Like They Are Deliberating Trying To Sabotage It?



Prior to becoming an author& writer I worked as a consultant in corporate America for about 15 years. I consulted in the financial software space and only worked with Fortune 500 companies who were publicly traded. 

These were very large companies who filed quarterly/annual earnings reports to their stockholders and to the SEC. The software I implemented did the SEC disclosure portion of that company’s reporting. 

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