Our Books & Writing Masterpieces

Black Rain

A Mind Twisting Story Of Deception and  Fraud That Brings Global Impacts

Fatty Cat Bake Shop

 Fatty Cat Bakeshop and The Cupcake That Tastes Like The Sun 

Last Call

An Mysterious Tale About Family Secrets  Hidden Long Ago

The Star Escape

Disappear Into Another Realm In The Star Escape

The Doorway Into Deception

A Doorway and A No Way Out Without Deceiving The Ones You Love

Powerful Pumps

A Straight Forward Look Into Women In The Corporate World


Meryl B. ~ Tampa, FL

" I read last call within a week, it was darn good I could not put it down. I even read in the bathtub one night.  It's an amazing read and the ending is stupendous!"

Cheryl F. ~ San Jose, CA

"The Star Escapehas been one of y favorite books I've read in a very long time.  It truly does transport you to another place & time.  A must read for sure."

Anthony M. ~ Hempstead, NY

"My wife read Black Rain and talked about it so much that I finally read it.  What an amazing author, the descriptions and detail in this book are incredible."

Gail Z. ~ Austin, TX

"The Cupcake That Tastes Like The Sun is my daughter's favorite book right now.  I have read it about 10 times and she never gets tired of it.  I love the Fatty Cat Bake Shop and hope for more books soon." 

Janice P. ~ Scottsdale, AZ

"I thought Doorway to Deception was going to be another typical fantasy book, it was definitely not.  I was blind-sided by the story-line and could not put the book down until I finished it.  What an imagination this author has."

Jill M. ~ Philadelphia, PA

"As a women in management I found this book refreshingly truthful and to the point.  It should be read by all women who are braving the corporate hallways."

The Writers and Contributors at MioStorie

Emely Mila Rowan


Emely Mila Rowan started her career in accounting & finance. With over 20+ years of hard core business experience of which she has used to move herself into the literary world. Emely started her writing career 10+ years ago writing about business topics that would appeal to most consumers. 

With her knowledge of business and bottom line profits, she expanded her organization and formed MioStorie Inc which is home to dozens of writers in the fiction, fantasy, mystery and the non-fiction genres.  

Ms. Rowan is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at MioStorie Inc.  

Kristen DeAngelo


Kristen DeAngelo is Senior Editor & Content Contributor at MioStorie Inc. Ms. DeAngelo graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and spent a number of years as copyrighter, editor and digital content contributor at various Fortune 500 companies including HP and Amazon. 

Kristen writes digital content and manages the editorial process for all published works at MioStorie Inc. She has over 15 years of experience in the editing, content & digital media space.  

Marcia Denby


Marcia Denby serves as Chief Financial Officer & Senior Operations Director at MioStorie Inc. Ms. Denby graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s in Finance. 

She has served as Finance Director at various literary organizations including the NY Times. Marcia combines her finance and business experience with her knowledge of the writing and literary processes to ensure a secure position in the market for MioStorie Inc. and its customers.  

Chloe Parker


Chloe Parker holds a bachelors degree in Marketing from the University of Virginia and serves as the Senior Director of Digital Content & Marketing at MioStorie Inc. Ms. Parker comes to MioStorie with over 10 years’ experience in the ever growing and changing digital marketing space. 

Chloe is always aware of new trends and technologies for digital marketing and employs that knowledge at MioStorie bringing our readers the informational content where they hold interest. 

Gina Ricciardi


Gina Ricciardi serves as Senior Director of Professional Publishing at MioStorie Inc. Ms. Ricciardi has a bachelors in journalism from Boston University and has obtained over 15 years of experience in the publishing space working for companies such as Random House and MacMillan Publishing. 

Ms. Ricciardi is responsible for the e-books and hard cover publishing process at MioStorie Inc. Gina’s knowledge of the publishing market allows the writers at MioStorie to deliver the highest quality of materials to our readership for all e-books and hard cover in the fiction, fantasy, mystery and non-fiction genres. 

Janice Garcia


Janice Garcia is the Senior Director Copywriter & Content Management at MioStorie Inc. Janice comes to MioStorie with 20 years in the content and copywriting space. She holds a bachelors degree from Duke University and a masters degree from Columbia University both in English.  

With Janice’s many years of experience in the literary and publishing spaces, she manages all content operations to ensure that the process from creation to publish is a seamless one for our readership community.  

About Our Company MioStorie


Part of the reason MioStorie was created was to provide support & resources to women writers, because we know facing the blank page takes guts. Being a creative woman is a risky business & sometimes others seek to quiet those who use their creative voices.

It is our mission at Miostorie, to help those voices rise up. The desire to tell one’s story is a powerful one, and at Miostorie with Ms. Emely Rowan at the head are here to ensure that each voice is heard loud and clear.

Our Company History

The Creation Of MioStorie & Our Company History


MioStorie was formed in 2003 by Emely Rowan who felt that bringing together experts in the blogging, freelance writing and publishing areas would prove to be a formula that all readers would benefit from. 

MioStorie was founded on the concept of bringing together women from all aspects of life who possessed a passion for imaginative and informational art. By bringing those women together MioStorie would be a pillar in the writing community bringing resources and opportunities to women with or without experience. 

MioStorie operates with three product streams that we offer to our reading population. Those product streams are content writing, blogging and writing/publishing both e-book and hard cover materials in the fiction, fantasy, mystery and non-fiction genres. 

Blogging and e-book and hard cover writing/publishing are sold direct to our readership community eliminating the “middle man or women” so that those price savings can be passed onto our customers. 

The average price of an e-book is approaching the $12 mark and a paper-back book is averaging around $17.00,  so MioStorie Inc.  takes on the publishing process to bring the materials direct to your smart phone, tablet or into your hands at the best possible prices for the highest quality of work. 

Some of our writers and the works that they have published under the MioStorie house have been best-selling publications brought to our readership for 30% less on average.


With Emely Rowan serving as founder and CEO, MioStorie has grown to a company of 50+ writers and contributors as well as other operational staff members that all serve as integral parts of the MioStorie process. 

Our Mission


Our mission is a dear to our heart. We are here to build an true community of women writers and to flame their fire of writing into published works of informational and imaginative art. 

We are here to provide support and resources to women writers, because we know facing the blank page takes guts. 

Being a creative woman is a risky business and sometimes others seek to quiet those who use their creative voices. 

It is our mission at Miostorie in working with our leader and company founder Emely Rowan to help those voices rise up. 

The desire to tell one’s story is a powerful one, and we at Miostorie with Ms. Emely Rowan at the head are hear to ensure that each and every voice is heard loud and clear. 

What Our Blog Is About


At MioStorie, with so many writers and bloggers we never struggle for topics of interest that we feel our subscriber community could benefit from. However, sometimes with all that expertise you get so much information that we wanted to make sure that we categorized it in a way that would help our readers find the topic that interested them. 

Basically, the blog posts that the teams at MioStorie put up are fun, informative and recreational reading. With everyone’s busy lives, when you finally have a quick moment to read an article that is a favorite topic we want to make sure you get the best and most quality information in the smallest amount of time. 

We feel like our readers don’t have 15-20 minutes to comb through a lengthy article looking for those pearls of wisdom between all the “writing fluff”, so we keep our posts to an average of e 3-5 minute read in total. 

We follow the usual categories for lifestyle and travel but also have added a Arts, dance and Music as well as a Business sections to our blog. 

We have so many writers who have extensive experience in the Business and Arts space that we felt our readers would benefit from those topics being drawn out on their own. 

The quick read methodology to our blog posts applies to all the categories and you’ll see that we give you a informationally packed post that you can devour while you’re unpacking the groceries, riding the subway or waiting for the school bus!

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