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Our Girl Power Philosophy (GPP)


We are always looking to find new ways to empower the females in this world. 

 Whether you are 8 or 80, we are always looking for some new "Ace Gals" to tell us their story.  Tell us your story and we'll feature it in our next GPP Journal & Blog.  

Emely's Gab Fest


Emely Rowan started out just like you and I.  Learn how she went from a top executive working in the corporate world to a leading internet blogger and best selling author. 

See how Emely's contributions to 'womanship" overall lead to some of the writing and story-telling highlighting women of all walks of life and the challenges they face.

Blog, Blog, Blog


Our award winning blogs are some of the most informative out there on this world wide web network of content.  The difference is ours are short, concise but packed filled with information.  

Most of our blog posts are a 3-5 minute read and we just cut to the chase to get you the information you need at lightning fast speed!

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